Tatang’s menu featuring Filipino dishes that you’ll love

At Tatang’s Inihaus, we serve a variety of Filipino dishes in our menu especially the famous and delicious dishes of the North. We have silogs, sinigang, inihaw, papaitan, pancit, halo halo, bulalo, and so much more!

Tatang’s Inihaus All-day Silog

We serve your silog breakfasts all day⁠— bangsilog, longsilog, porksilog, ribsilog, spamsilog, and tosilog.

Tatang’s Favorites

What are your go-to Filipino favorites? Do you miss the adobo that nanay or tatay always cooks when you go back home from a long time of being away? Or that sour sinigang and the rich broth of bulalo that you love especially on a cold weather? Tatang’s Inihaus offers you your favorite dishes all year-round!

Tatang’s Inihaws

Craving for the taste of homemade barbeques (inihaw) but don’t have the time to cook something up? Want to avoid smelling like burnt charcoal? We got you covered! At Tatang’s Inihaus, we offer Tatang’s Inihaws that provides different inihaw (barbequed) dishes that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Tatang’s Desserts

Want something sweet after that delicious meal you just had at Tatang’s Inihaus? Tatang’s Inihaus also offers different kinds of Filipino desserts that is perfect after eating delicious Filipino dishes. Try out our signature halo sa banga that we serve in clay pots that we locally sourced from Ilocos.

Explore our menu and services page for more information on anything you want. For any concerns that needs urgent attention, you may contact us during our open hours and well gladly accommodate your concerns or requests. Please also fill up our feedback form so we’ll know how to serve you better because we want to offer you the best food and experience that we can give.

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