about tatangs inihaus

About Tatang’s Inihaus: here to serve you

At Tatang’s we care about you — in serving you the best food that will satisfy your palette and in giving you the best service that will let you reminisce the warmth of your own homes. We are a private food provider, established to serve people in an observant manner with our substantive and calculated menu and services with extensive effort to provide new experiences that will provoke their curiosity.

We offer delicious food and quality service at a very reasonable and affordable price that will surely excite your taste and experience and will leave you craving for more!

We offer a variety of Inihaw Products that will make you reminisce the joy and warmth of Filipino family gatherings and we especially take pride in offering dishes and delicacies of Northern Luzon.

A convenient place to dine with your family, friends, relatives, and anybody you can think of—a place just like home.

With the #LoveLocal campaign, we are promoting native Filipino dishesand we incorporate our own unique touch to improve our customers’ experience.

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