Celebrating World Teachers’ Day at Tatang’s Inihaus

A Teachers' Day celebrated at Tatang's Inihaus

The teachers of Estrella Elementary School of San Mateo, Isabela decided to celebrate their Teachers’ Day with us last October 4, 2019!

A teacher is an educator, a friend, a philosopher, and a guide for their students. They equip us with knowledge, competence, humility, and compassion that shapes us to be responsible citizens who are ready for the real world. The role that our teachers play in all levels of education is very much valued by Tatang’s Inihaus. They are the reason why people of all ages from all walks of life are now taking part and contributing to their community and the global society.

It is a great honor to be a part of the celebration of our modern heroes. Happy Teachers’ Day to this great bunch and all the teachers out there! Padayon!

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